By train

Leaving central Wellington every 30 minutes (5 minutes past and 35 minutes past the hour), approx time from City to Trentham is 40 mins. Return trains to Wellington from Trentham also leave at 5 minutes past and 35 minutes past the hour. 

Metlink timetables

Buy your 'DAY ROVER' ticket from any station before the raceday to save time.

All racedays except Wellington Cup Day:
All trains will be stopping and departing from the western platform at Trentham (Ararino Street). Access to the course is available via the overbridge (north of the station) or via the pedestrian link to the south in line with Camp St, Granville Street, then along Racecourse Road.

Wellington Cup Day only:
Additional services and capacities are provided, please check timetables. All trains will be arriving and departing from the racecourse side platforms during the day.

Train tickets can be purchased from Trentham outside the front gate from 3pm, cash only.

By car and parking

Trentham Racecourse is located on Racecourse Road.

Members, Owners, Jockeys & Trainers are invited to park in the Leger Car Park at the Northern end of the course (100m past the turnstiles on Racecourse Road). Click here for Google Maps

A limited number of disabled car parks are available on Racecourse Road opposite the turnstiles.

All racedays except Wellington Cup Day:
Public parking is available on Racecourse Road and surrounding areas.

Wellington Cup Day only:
Traffic management is in place on Wellington Cup Day with vehicle access to the Racecourse Road entrances (Main gate and Members Carparks) restricted to vehicles with Members ticketing or relevant hospitality options. Access is permitted for valid disabled parking cards. 

Free public parking is available in the Centre of Course, accessible from Alexander Road (the continuation of Messines Avenue) on the eastern side of the course. 

  • Gates close 7.30pm  or you can collect your car the next day.

  • Access to centre of course is entry only until 3 pm. (ie it is not a  drop off zone)

There is no bus access to Racecourse Road on Wellington Cup Day. If you have prearranged a bus for drop off only, please use the drop off point on Ararino St. Buses are welcome to park and unload in centre of course however there is no exiting until after 3pm.

Take a Taxi

All racedays except Wellington Cup Day:
Taxis are welcome to drop off on Racecourse Road.

Wellington Cup Day only:
For safety we recommend dropping at the Trentham Railway Station on Ararino Street and taking the overbridge to the racecourse.

A taxi rank will operate from late afternoon on Granville Street. We suggest you arrange to meet any pre ordered taxis here too.

If you are arranging a private ride after the races, we suggest you arrange pickup from Ararino Street or surrounding areas. There will be no access to Racecourse Road.

View racecourse map here.