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CUDDLE, A Bay Filly bred in the HawkesBaywas one of a few horses that had the ability to win two mile races from end to end.  Few still have the ability to win or versatility to win over this extreme distance and then come out and win at one mile and 10 furlongs in consecutive starts. 

CUDDLE was one of the few that did and on more than one occasion.  Her two Auckland Cups (1935 and 1936), each won in record time, were followed by wins in the Weight-For-Age-Kings Plate and the Clifford Plate giving her the perfect record of six wins from six starts at Ellersie.  Trained at Trentham by Tommy George, CUDDLE had 67 starts for 24 wins, 14 seconds and 5 thirds for stakes of 12,092 pounds reflecting the depressed times she raced in. 

CUDDLE died in June 1955 at the age of 25 but her name lives on.  The Cuddle Stakes, a prestige event for Fillies and Mares, has been staged by the Wellington Racing Club since 1967. 

A fitting tribute to one of New Zealand’s great race mares.

CUDDLE STAKES (1600m Fillies & Mares)    
Year Horse Owners Jockey Time Trainer  
1967 Min Flicka JA Higgs WD Skelton 1.38.75    
1968 Havering JD & LD Georgetti NE Eastwood 1.44.00    
1969 Choucuana J Harrison & W Sanders KS Cullen 1.41.75    
1970 Anne Gable W McEwan & PJB Smith JF Harris 1.40.75    
1971 Shelly Burford AJW McKenzie & J Webb WD Skelton 1.41.00    
1972 Sheralee Sir William Stevenson WD Skelton 1.38.75    
1973 An Illusion JP Norman JW Walker 1.40.75    
1974 Marinoto FM & Mrs Walsh RW King 1.44.00    
1975 Marinoto FM & Mrs Walsh LM Robinson 1.37.00    
1976 In Reality JA & RA Greig GA Phillips 1.42.25    
1977 My Binnie AT Kofoed RC Franklin 1.44.75    
1978 Lavender Hill Mrs WL Chitty WD Skelton 1.43.00    
1979 Stormee GJ Lennox & EH Symes GJ Childs 1.38.75 BF Deacon Race moved to May
1980 Concert AJ, AS, GB & RS Fell JA Cassidy 1.40.75    
1981 Mun Lee DJ Gordon DM Walsh 1.39.25 MK Smith  
1982 Asheen Mr MI Sullivan R Jenkins 1.41.00 EB Skelton  
1983 Out In Front G Lowe, Mr & Mrs JD O'Flaherty & JE Spedding JA Cassidy 1.41.66 RJ Bothwell  
1984 Ikon TF Fookes & RN Preston M Barnsley 1.35.50 HJ & RJ Bergerson  
1985 Silver Elm B Blackshaw, AE Brown, H Grace & Mrs EL Hurst DM Walsh 1.35.64 ND Eales  
1986 Royal Seal K Betty, RA Nielsen, EJ Pratt & KV Robinson GA Phillips 1.37.86 B Robinson  
1987 Just A Star Mrs DN Davidson, SID Herbert & SWA Vincent JW Walker 1.45.23 IW Herbert  
1988 Classic March RF Taylor EE Jillings 1.35.38 RF Taylor  
1989 Shuzora Mr GI, Dr J & Mrs M Bryce EE Jillings 1.35.38    
1990 She's Fun Mrs EI Wells LA O'Sullivan 1.42.09    
1991 She's Fun Mrs EI Wells PD Johnson 1.42.66    
1992 Adnamira Mrs JE & RJ Bothwell, Mrs JA & WY Stewart DG Bradley 1.50.19  RJ Bothwell  
1993 Last Round Up MK Allen, DM Fitzgerald, BI McKinnel & R Thomas KA Smith 1.37.22  Mrs RA Todd  
1994 La Scala GI Lambert KA Smith 1.34.61  GB Barlow & JR Lynds Race moved to April
1995 Roman Penny NZRSS Syndicate No 4 (Mgr Mrs LC Reid) & NZRSS Syndicate No 7 (Mgr Mrs LC Reid) DJ Walker 1.38.00  K & S Gray Race moved to May
1996 Red Roulette GI, Dr J & Mrs M Bryce VJ Costa 1.44.05 LD James  
1997 Elegance Riwa Bloodstock Syndicate J Walker 1.38.78 IW Herbert  
1998 Methinks Mrs MF Eivers & RJ Miller JEM Rogers 1.38.39 RB Priscott  
1999 Cheerful Messrs PJ & PM Vela JD Hayes 1.35.64 Mrs S Laxon  
2000 Platonic CE & Mrs GE Dillon LG Innes 1.37.53    
2001 Cinder Bella Messrs BM Hancock & CJG McFarlane LA O'Sullivan 1.35.33 Mrs KA Zimmerman  
2002 Dawn Till Dusk Miss MA Falconer & AP Madden MT Coleman 1.40.26 Miss MA Falconer  
2002 Elfonze Messrs AP Broad, PI Jefferson, SE Kale, AR Miers, GE Leadbeater & Mrs C Nicholson MJ Walker 1.38.24 IW Herbert Race moved to Nov
2003 Rodrigo Rose Lady & Sir Patrick Hogan, Mr PJ & Mrs SG Walker JL Waddell 1.35.42 G Richardson   
2004 Bhandara Barlow Thoroughbred Ltd LK Cropp 1.35.38   Race run At Otaki 
2005 Leigh Valley D, l & Mr S Hawkins & Llanhennock Trust GJ Grylls 1.36.53    
2006 Rhysess SG Crutchley & CB Turner KA Myers 1.47.86    
2007 Kirra Sand MJ Fitzsimmons, J Reily & OG Stewart JL Waddell 1.36.30    
2008 Yanna Marie Marie Bloodstock Ltd & KT Myers DJ Walker 1.40.75   Race moved to Oct
2009 Ististar Fun All Round Syndicate HS Tinsley 1.43.64    
2010 She Rules Whakanui Stud Ltd AJ Calder 1.48.46    
2012 Floria R W E Moore LG Innes 1.36.18 SJ McKee Race moved to March
2013 O'Fille S F Meredith, C G Waaka & J H Work NG Harris 1.34.90 WW Marshment  

2014 Neena Rock Mrs C & WL Bolton M Sweeney 1.35.72 W Bolton  
2015 The Diamond One A G, K J, M C & P R Dennis R Hutchings 1.35.71 C & H Anderton  
2016 Rasa Lila Sir Peter Vela LG Innes 1.36.33 SC Ramsay & JP Ritchie  
2017 Miss Wilson Chouxmaani Investments Ltd ST Collet 1.37.16 JG Bary  
2018 Montoya Star G E Pilkington, C M Smith, I Kelly, K R Bimler, J S Mee, L V Vibert,T & E McGillivray, T Lawlor, G Allison & K Bickley MJ McNab 1.35.21 MA & MM Pitman  
2019 Concert Hall Mrs J L Egan Matthew Cameron 1.37.74 Roger James & Robert Wellwood  

The 2019 race was the 53rd recorded running of this event

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