Punters Challenge 2019


Do you have what it takes?
Consider yourself the ultimate punter?

Put your money where your mouth is!

This is your chance to back yourself and show that you are the Wellington Racing Club’s Champion Punter. 

Enter on your own, or get a group of up to 5 of the best punters together! 

You only need the $720 betting fund and entry fee to start, and you’re off!




$80 per team (up to two people) and $80 per person after that to a maximum of 5 per team. 
$720 betting fund for the team deposited on the day as per competition rules.

Registration must be complete to allow investing on the first race which is likely scheduled at approximately 11.50 am (tbc on the Wednesday prior).


Your day at Wellington Races includes:

    • Access to the Members Stand plus the dedicated Punters Challenge Lounge

    • MC for the day 

    • Buffet lunch

    • Large Screen (plus other screens showing racing across Australasia)

    • Enough totes to ensure you don't get closed out! (Subject to reasonable time frames)

    • Beverage vouchers (either 6 premium or 8 standard)

    • A discounted cash bar will be in operation

Register your team today


or download the ENTRY FORM  CLICK HERE 



1st Prize

Awarded to the largest betting fund total at the end of the competition

The title of “Trentham Punter of the year” and The Trentham Punters Challenge Trophy 

Entry to the 2019 NZ Punter of the Year Competition at Hastings in October 2019 including the Betting Fund. Valued at $1500+*


$1000 Cash !!! 

*Term and Conditions apply.
NZ Punter of the Year competition entry is for one team and normally a maximum number of 3 members 

2nd Prize

Awarded to the second largest betting fund total at the end of the competition

$1000 Cash 

3rd Prize

Awarded to the third highest total at the end of the competition

$500 Cash

Prize for the Competition Leader after Race 3 and Race 6

$250 cash 

Prize for highest turnover throughout the competition

$250 cash


PLUS spot prizes and draws during the day

Check out the Previous winners to see your likely competition.

For more information please contact:

04 528 9611



or download the ENTRY FORM  CLICK HERE 




  1. All contestants must be registered by 5pm Friday, 24th May 2019Entries will be accepted on a “first come basis”. 
  1. Name of contestants is to be disclosed - although a Pseudonym (nom de plume) may be used for publicity purposes. 
  1. $720 betting fund, together with the entry fee is to be paid to the Wellington Racing Club prior to raceday or in cash on the morning of the race meeting. The entry fee is $80 per team of up to two, with additional team members $80 each to a maximum of five people per team. No cheques will be accepted on race day unless with the prior approval of the General Manager of the Wellington Racing Club. Payment by credit card is acceptable however there will be a surchage. All team Members’ must be 18 years or older. 
  1. Minimum of $90 to be invested on each race commencing with race one.  There is no maximum. There are no fixed odds bets permitted in the competition. 
  1. If contestants run out of funds, no additional funds can be added. 
  1. If the balance is less than $90, the entire amount shall be invested. 
  1. All-Up betting is permitted however, after the initial investment, a minimum of $90 (or your total if your balance is less than $90) must continue to be invested on each of the following races independent of any all-up bet carrying over.  Where a punter has no funds available, but has a “live” all-up bet in place, the contestant will not be excluded from the competition.  When their all-up dividend is declared the contestant must resume investing a minimum of $90 on the remaining races if sufficient funds are available. 
  1. All competition bets to be placed on the Wellington Racing Club’s race meeting. 
  1. Pick Six / Fixed Odds/ Place 6 / Triple Trio – Please note that none of these bet type can be included in Punter Of Year competition. 
  1. The teams designated “better” must be in a tote queue no later than eight minutes prior to the starting time of each race to ensure bets are placed.  Entrants/teams must bet on every race. 
  1. In the event of a race inquiry which is not resolved prior to five minutes before the start of the following race, any contestant who has funds to reinvest on that race due to the inquiry, shall not be disqualified but shall resume investing on the race after the inquiry is complete. 
  1. No Club official (officiating in the room on the day) shall be eligible to enter. 
  1. The winner shall be the contestant with the highest balance after the dividends are declared for the last race and have been added to the contestants’ deposit ticket. 
  1. The individual balance and payout of amounts earned will be available as soon as possible after the last race “All Clear” but the winners’ name (or nom de plume) and presentation will be announced at the following club presentation. 
  1. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be drawn by lot under the supervision of the Racecourse Inspector, or person of similar standing. 
  1. If for any reason, the race meeting is postponed or cancelled after race 4, the person who has the highest balance at the time the meeting is stopped on this day, shall be determined the winner. If the race meeting is postponed or cancelled before race 4 then teams can cash their betting slips and receive a 50% refund of entry fee. If the meeting is postponed or cancelled before the day then all moneys given to the Wellington Racing Club is refunded. 
  1. Entry into the Trentham Punters Challenge ‘Room’ will be restricted to those persons named on the official entry form (maximum of five persons per team). Drink vouchers will be issued with the competition betting voucher at the commencement of the competition. These can be used for standard beer, single spirit, house wine & non-alcoholic drinks. A surcharge of $2.00 will exist for a premium beer or RTD when using a voucher. A cash bar will operate and a buffet luncheon will be provided. 
  1. Maximum number of team entries is 75. 
  1. The Club reserves the right to cancel the competition if less than 25 entries are received. 
  1. All contestants will be given their pin activated deposit tickets at the commencement of the day in the Trentham Punters Challenge Room. 
  1. Competitors deposit tickets are individually pin coded and must be presented to the tote operator before any bets are entered. 
  1. Contestants must check their betting tickets after each bet. 
  1. A Wellington Racing Club representative will keep a running tally of each contestant’s pool. Progressive totals will be made available 
  1. The winner will be announced as soon as possible after the declaration of the last race. 
  1. In the event of the winning team containing 4 or 5 players, the team will be issued with 1 or 2 additional members stand tickets for NZ Punter of the Year Day at Hawkes Bay. (Current NZ Punter of the Year rules state that no more than 3 players from each team may be in the punters arena at any one time.) 
  1. The Wellington Racing Club reserves the right to allow late entries if space in the Trentham Punters Challenge Room allows. 
  1. Please remember that in the event of any dispute, or unforseen circumstances arising, the judges’ decision is final and no further dispute shall be entered into. 


A TAB trace will ensure that each contestant has abided by these Rules.

You must present your deposit ticket to the operator before any bets are entered.

You can only bet after the “Betting Open” announcement has been made for each race.

You must bet a minimum of $90 on each race.

You must check your ticket(s).

You must retain your deposit ticket at all times.

To download a copy of the rules CLICK HERE