Year Horse Owners Jockey Time Trainer
1897 distance was four furlongs. 1898 - 1945 distance was five furlongs. 1946 - 1971 distance was six furlongs. 
From 1972 race restricted to three-year-olds and increased to one mile      
1897 Gold Leaf GH Clifford A McDonald    
1898 Tigress Capt. Russell W Holmes    
1899 Courtier GG Stead W Holmes    
1900 Cannie Chiel GH Clifford J Pine    
1901 Menschikoff GG Stead LH Hewitt    
1902 Cruciform GG Stead LH Hewitt    
1903 Achilles J Monk C Jenkins    
1904 Silkworm GG Stead LH Hewitt    
1905 Solution RW Paterson R Derrett    
1906 Cuneiform GG Stead LH Hewitt    
1907 Guidwife Sir George Clifford E Murfitt    
1908 Fleetfoot Sir George Clifford FE Jones    
1909 Theodore PP Neagle R Hatch    
1910 Formby Hon. JD Ormond FD Jones    
1911 Culprit WG & GL Stead W Price    
1912 Ermengarde Mr Highden C Browne    
1913 Mobray JB Reid FE Jones    
1914 Reputation WE Bidwell J O'Shea    
1915 Flying Start Sir George Clifford W Bell    
1916 Desert Gold TH Lowry J O'Shea    
1917 Hymestra Hon. JD Ormond J Buchanan    
1918 Finmark TH Lowry RS Bagby    
1919 Gloaming GD Greenwood B Deeley    
1920 Moorfowl Sir George Clifford H Young    
1921 Rational HB Gibson A McCormac    
1922 Thespian GM Currie P Raynar    
1923 Razzle Dazzle WT Hazlett EA Keesing    
1924 Motley CM Currie A Reed    
1925 Lady Cavendish GF Moore J Barry    
1926 Limited W McA Duncan C Eastwood    
1927 Limited W McA Duncan LG Morris    
1928 Paganelli Crawford & Roberts RW McTavish    
1929 Honour GD Greenwood T Green    
1930 Tenterden C Elgar A Eastwood    
1931 Ammon Ra Dr EHB Milsom K Voitre    
1932 Headlady WH Dwyer A Eastwood    
1933 Guarantee JM Samson A Russell    
1934 Diatomous M Millar R Reed    
1935 Limulus TA Duncan R Reed    
1936 Mala HE Russell CT Wilson    
1937 Francis Drake F Armstrong WJ Broughton    
1938 Surmount CW Boyd NL Cavaney    
1939 Beaulivre W Higgins LJ Ellis    
1940 Sir Beau I Lupton HN Wiggins    
1941 Burra Sahid F Ormond WL Aitken    
1942 Naizam AJ McGovern CB Goulsbro    
1943 Sea Spi Mrs LM Lamb WF Ellis    
1944 Subdued GM Currie SA Waddell    
1945 Duplicity Mrs DO Porter AD Waddell    
1946 Peter Robinson N Clout JS Campbell    
1947 Howe JH Marshall WJ Broughton    
1948 Great Trek F Ormond JS Campbell    
1949 Golden Spa LE Cook & AD Scott WJ Broughton    
1950 Golden Spa LE Cook & AD Scott WJ Broughton    
1951 Mainbrace Dr TC Fraser GF Hughes    
1952 Anand Mrs F Smith WJ Mudford    
1953 Surrey Gold Hon. WS Goosman OB McMullan    
1954 Ray Ribbon CR Newman & C Pateman AJ Stokes    
1955 Hush Money AN Smith JW Harris    
1956 Coleridge JL McDonald      
1957 Yahabeebe LJ Fisher GF Hughes    
1958 Blonde Spirit WH Williamson WA Smith    
1959 Fountainhead W Deutsch GF Hughes    
1960 Cadiz AN Smith AJ Stokes    
1961 Commanding GS Walton WA Smith    
1962 Key TC Lowry KS Cullen    
1963 Rapido WB Priscott WJ Mudford    
1964 Rio K Couper & WB Watson NE Eastwood    
1965 Rio K Couper & WB Watson AT Jones    
1966 Rohe Potae JA Asher GF Hughes    
1967 Floodlit WR Stead AT Jones    
1968 Miss Lynette CV Young GF Hughes    
1969 Mayo Gold FA & Mrs Conway RJ Skelton    
1970 Crown Law JR Haworth & JP Peters RJ Skelton    
1971 Susan Jane HP Belsham & HE Hayward EJ Didham    
1972 Master John JC Judd WD Skelton    
1973 Corroboree CD Margan DA Peake    
1974 Mister Pompous BH & Mrs Ballin DA Peake    
1975 Mansingh DV Beetham RJ Skelton    
1976 Caboodle FC Johnstone RJ Skelton    
1977 Mr Million R Donaldson & EAP Howarth CP McNab    
1978 Uncle Remus KF Clotworthy & Mrs GM Donaldson RD Vance    
1979 Springtide EL Gaylord & H Noble RD Vance 1.36.75 CM Jillings
1980 Little Brown Jug Messrs NHG Christie, H Kendall & est. late BH Ballin DA Peake 1.38.50 PH Jones
1981 Summer Haze Mrs GM Bryant GJ Childs 1.34.75 RJ Bothwell
1982 Amrica BB O'Donnell, IAH Symes & ADP Williams DM Walsh 1.36.75 WG Ivil & BI Ansley
1983 McGinty HK Haub & BJ McCahill RD Vance 1.35.77 CM Jillings
1984 Abit Leica Mesdames AM Dymond & CM Smith PW Fearon 1.35.09 WD Dymond
1985 Kingdom Bay D & Mrs DM Whittington NG Harris 1.34.55 JG Taylor
1986 Courier Bay GA White DM Walsh 1.34.04 GA White
1987 Etoile D'Or Mrs J & JER Andrews DM Walsh 1.36.35 D Jones
1988 Golden King WG Ivil, BB O'Donnell & IAH Symes PJ Mercer 1.35.45 WG Ivil
1989 Syrian Sea Mrs CL & Messrs GET & MD McLachlan & JF Thwaites  GA Phillips  1.36.48   
1990 Centime  Messrs DB Graves & KB & Mesdames KM Keene & JH Walker  NG Harris  1.36.47  ND Eales
1991 Steineck  Mr Ormond  GL Cooksley  1.37.18  MP Baker 
1992 Cool Affair  Karaka Verandah Racing Ltd & Co  RB McKay  1.37.32  RB & WB Priscott
1993 The Phantom Chance  W Ballin  RD Vance  1.35.41   
1994 Chase A Fortune NT Delahunty, Mrs JA Hennessy, CE Hussey & Mrs NF King JC Collett 1.35.12 GT Hennessy
1995 Allegro HE & Mrs PM Ward GJ Grylls 1.35.78  
1996 Royson Mrs BP & JB Harvey VA Colgan 1.35.20  
1997 Foromor WK Flexman, Mrs LR Goodall, Messrs RG Lintott & RA Sinclair LA O'Sullivan 1.35.88  
1998 Astimonti G & Mrs J Lee HS Tinsley 1.37.90  
1999 Doyle Mrs NE & PE Izett VA Colgan 1.34.47  
2000 Moralee Messrs LJ Fleming, PL McKenzie, AJ & PB Mora MC Sweeney 1.36.52  
2001 Danamite Messrs RJ, MJ & NR Webby VA Colgan 1.35.56  
2002 Coup Ray Mrs LJ & RA Coupland MB Wenn 1.35.98  
2003 Bank Note Messrs TA Green, TJ McKee ONZM & JA Wells MBE MJ Walker 1.34.77  
2004 Native Song NA Pollard OP Bosson 1.37.16  
2005 Mandela DE & Mrs EM Olsen MT Coleman 1.35.59  
2006 Chettak Ms RR des barres, PC & Mrs SM Holden, RI Johnson, Ms J Kinnear, PA McDougall, AHB & MM Smith & PG Williams LK Cropp 1.35.73  
2007 Magic Cape PC Alexandre, Mrs CA & MH Arnott, GI Barnett, DF Emerson, WA & WG Pellett PT Holmes 1.35.19 SF Ritchie
2008 Alamosa TE Luke, Mrs K & PN McKay GA McKeon 1.35.33 PN McKay
2009 Shanzero BI & GA Shand LG Innes 1.35.36 RD Collett
2010 Joey Massino TE Luke, Mrs K & PN McKay SC Spratt 1.36.72 PN McKay
2011 Jimmy Choux Chouxmaani Investments Ltd JKB Riddell 1.37.01 JG Bary
2012 Ocean Park Mr A Wong, Mr S Yan & Mr G Hennessy C Ormsby 1.35.81 GT Hennessy
2013 Weissmuller T G Heptinstall, T Pivac, D Platt, Hivon Syndicate, Sold Out Syndicate & M Cummings J Parkes 1.38.32 PJ Kiernan

2014 Race transferred to the Levin Racing Club Meeting Abandoned      
2015 Tavago KR Banks, Mrs P Hatchard, SC Oldfield & RL Taylor DS Johnson 1.36.59 FJ Auret
2016 Lincoln Blue Lincoln Farms M Tanaka 1.40.12 LM Latta
2017 Matchbreaker G R O'Dea CW Johnson 1.36.57 FJ Auret
2018 Exuberant Go Racing On High Syndicate (Mgr: Albert Bosma) Jason Waddell    

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