Race Day Punters Club

A great way to have a flutter without having to study the form

A Punters Club operates on races 3 through to the second to last race. $10 tickets will be available from the raceday office and various totes around the course.

The Club has a number of "Experts" placing bets from the total investment pool of the punters Club. Their aim is to provide a payout to all those participating. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee however we hope you have fun following the performance of the Punters Club during the day.

We hope to regularly update the results on this web page, over the course PA and on the in-field semaphore board in a timely fashion. Our apologies if at times there are delays. 

Saturday 28th May 2022

Ticket amount: $10

Starting Pool 

Race number:

Bet, Selection & Investment: 


Race 3 - John Griffith & Co 1600m

$200 EW No. 2


Race 4 - Southey Sayer Chartered Accountants 1400m 



Race 5 - Trust House Masterton 150 Jubilee Cup 2200m



Race 6 - Rich Hill Stud Autumn Sprint Championship Final 1200m


Return: TBA $




May 21st 2022 - $5 collect

March 19th 2022 no collect

January 22nd 2022 no collect

January 15th 2022 no collect

March 20th 2021 $40 collect

January 11th 2021 no collect


RACE Punters Club- Terms & Conditions 

1.            Shares can only be purchased by Members of the Clubs which comprise RACE Inc and shareholders must be aged 18 years or older;
2.            Shares are $20 each, there is no limit on how many a Member can buy;
3.            Bets placed will be decided by the RACE Inc management team or their guest selectors. One or a combination of these selectors will be used at each meeting;
4.            Staff of RACE Inc will be in charge of placing the bets and administration;
5.            The Chief Executive of RACE Inc will act as judge and moderator if necessary and have the final say if any disputes should arise;
6.            All bets will be updated on the RACE Inc punters club web page and all members with a valid email address will have an email detailing the days bets sent to them the morning of the race meeting.
7.            The Punters Club for the racing year will start on the Wellington Racing Club October meeting at Trentham and continue on all meetings held by one of the Clubs until the end of the season.
8.            The maximum bet on any one race day will be $1,000
9.            Shares in the RACE Punters Club close on the Monday prior to the opening race meeting at Trentham.
10.        The frequency, number and types of bets will be entirely at the discretion of the selectors.
11.        Any dividend at the end of the season can either be re-invested, used as a credit on Membership Subscriptions or be claimed;
12.        Shares cannot be sold;
13.        Redemption of shares or withdrawing from the RACE Punters Club is not permitted until the conclusion of the racing season;
14.        The RACE Punters Club will be run separate to any individual Punters Club that may be held on any particular race day;
15.        There will be no tickets issued but a share certificate will be issued upon receipt of payment.