Feature Race Results

The Great Races Run at Trentham

Also known as Group Races, are the highest level of races in Thoroughbred horse racing. They include most of the world's iconic races, such as, in Europe, the Epsom Derby, in Australia, the Melbourne Cup, and in the United States, the Kentucky Derby. Victory in these marks a horse as being particularly talented, if not exceptional, and they are extremely important in determining stud values.

They are referred to as Black Type races, since any horse that has won one of the races is printed in bold type in sales catalogues.

Stakes Prize Money Month Run Previous Winners
Wellington Cup $300,000 January Previous winners
Telegraph $450, 000 January Telegraph Results
Thorndon Mile $400, 000 January Thorndon Mile Results
Levin Classic $500, 000 January Levin Classic Results 
New Zealand Oaks $500, 000 March NZ Oaks Results
TAB Classic (formerly Captain Cook Stakes) $400, 000 December Captain Cook Stakes Results
Wellington Steeplechase $75, 000 July  Wellington Steeplechase Results
Wellington Hurdles $75, 000 July Wellington Steeplechase Results
Wellington Guineas $175, 000  March Previous winners
Wakefield Challenge Stakes $175, 000  December Previous winners
Thompson Handicap $100, 000 October Previous winners
Wellington Stakes
run under the Levin Racing Club licence
$100, 000 November Previous winners
Trentham Stakes $120, 000 January Previous winners
Anniversary Handicap $120, 000  January Previous winners
Desert Gold Stakes $120, 000 January Previous winners
Cuddle Stakes $120, 000 March Previous winners
Wellesley Stakes $90, 000 January Previous winners
Lightning Handicap $90, 000 March Previous winners 
Parliamentary Handicap $40, 000 July  Previous winners
Whyte Handicap $40, 000 July Previous winners
North Island Challenge Stakes $35, 000 May Previous winners
New Zealand St Leger   March Previous winners